Professional Behaviour In Voice Over Industry

Any job that you take up calls for both skill and professional behaviour. Without professionalism, you might land up your first job or work but would never be able to get good reviews or recommendations from the clients. When big production houses and agents look for voice over actors for their projects, they do read some top male voice over talent and look for the best actor available who is famous for his professionalism and skill.

Importance of professional behaviour is just too much to be explained in words. But still let us start with an example. How about taking your report card? Do you remember the phrase in group activities called “works well with others”? This is professionalism to an extent. When you enter the studio premises, one should get an impression that you take work very seriously and are not any kind of time waster who would not put efforts into the project. From entering the premises to recording and exiting, you need to show certain traits that make you a professional and people can differentiate your behaviour from the ones who are good for nothing in the industry. To make an impression in the first look, make sure you take a shower and dress up properly for the session. Try not to be flashy and show off at all as this goes against the every piece of professionalism and decency that people are lloking for. Introduce yourself to each and every associated person and be polite to everyone.

Try not to act too excited or very grateful to the people there for granting you an opportunity. No matter what it is, they did see something good and promising in you that they offered the job or task to you. Be very attentive and workout all the directions and cues given to you for your part of voice over. Listen to the director or engineer involved to deliver the best product quality. Do not try to entertain the client as this is the job of a producer and not an actor. Your work would be just to carry on the efforts being put in the right direction to achieve success and perfect delivery.

Readiness of an actor also comes under the professional attitude and it is also very important to realize how far can the actor go for perfection. Are you as an actor giving enough practice time? Are you being able to come during off hours to practice? Can you give in some extra time for the completion of project before time? The readiness of an artist too defines his or her thinking and thus professional attitude.

Being talented is great as you can even sound the copy or imitation sound so original and convincing that people would just do anything to listen to your voice. But is this talent of any use if you are not known as a qualified professional who has no previous experience? No. You do need the qualities of managing yourself and professional behaviour to make a mark over your client’s mind so that they do not think twice before hiring you again.