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The Secret Of Being Attractive To Girls

The world is full of mysteries and there are many things that we can’t understand. Sometimes it takes a genius or an expert to point out to us a particular truth which has been lying there for the taking for a very long time. Yet, since the majority of us could not grasp it for whatever reason, an expert or a genius has to pinpoint to us that naked truth. Take, for example, the law of gravity. For millions of years, gravity has been keeping together our fragile universe, and yet, for men, it was only a couple of centuries ago that the truth about gravity has been explained. Likewise, the law of attraction may have been there since the dawn of civilization and it even antedated civilizations; yet, only recently was it greatly expressed and analyzed. Indeed, there are laws and universal rules out there that are just awaiting our discovery.

With regards to rules and system, even in relationships between men and women, there seems to be some patterns or source codes which govern the behavior of men and women. Say, for instance, some guys seem to have the knack for attracting beautiful girls. These guys seem to have an exceptional aura that makes girls fall for them. They seem to have discovered the girlfriend activation system tips which many guys have been looking for and longing to have. So these guys are always the envy of other guys who are always dejected because they seem to lack the expertise and the prowess to attract their female counterparts. What makes these guys attractive seems to elude the majority of dejected losers who wallow in their misery of continuous rejections.

Indeed! There are secrets and some call these secrets the “girlfriend activation system,” and it would take an expert to delineate and outline these system so that those who feel dejected—because they are always thwarted in their moves to win the heart of their target girls—will have some guidelines on how to become ravishingly attractive to opposite sex. Hence, like a Newton or an Einstein, these experts in the girlfriend activation system readily set out to pinpoint the blatant truth about this system, and they readily try to bequeath what they know of this system. The losers would simply rejoice in finding that the system really works, and that, with persistent effort, they could transform themselves into the most charming and most hard-to-resist guys out there. Once they have mastered the art of attracting the opposite sex, they could readily turn their girlfriend, coworker, friend, and whoever they want to attract into a veritable girlfriend. Yet, it takes effort to master a particular skill and it is not easy to imbibe a habit. Hence, you have to be resolute in imbibing the system to a point that the system becomes second nature to you.

The internet is brimming with these so-called girlfriend activation system stuffs, and you should be meticulous enough in choosing the right system. Obviously, there are plenty of rubbish and crap about how to attract the opposite girls on the net, and if you don’t have the keen eye for the right system, you may fall prey to those unscrupulous posers who only want to hoodwink other guys into believing that they possess the right girlfriend activation system.

What Users Are Saying About eHarmony UK?

Are you starting to engage in online activities and that one of these is online dating? You are definitely not alone as online dating is definitely one of the most popular online activities that a lot of people engage in.

There are so many reasons why online dating is very popular today. One of the main reasons why a lot of people engage in online dating is due to the fact that the whole experience is without a doubt much more convenient than conventional dating methods are. Conventionally you would have had to go out of the house and spend a lot of money in order to go on a date, and there is always a possibility that the date will go awry which will not only result in you potentially losing a substantial amount of money but it is also quite possible that you will be putting yourself in quite the awkward situation which you will want to forget at the soonest possible time.

Another reason why a lot of people prefer online dating, at least initially is that it is much safer than going out on a date in person directly. With an online dating setup, you will be able to spend a lot of time chatting or even video calling with the person who you are maybe planning to build a relationship with which should give you an even clearer idea of who the person is and what he or she is like to be with before going out on an actual date with him or her.

Now if you want to succeed in online dating then one of the main factors that influence how good your online dating experience can be is signing up with a great online dating website. In the UK, one of the more prominent and popular online dating website is eHarmony and that below are some of the feedback that UK users have on the online dating site.

Probably the biggest aspect of eHarmony that a lot of users really love is that it has a very huge user base. With over hundreds of thousands of active members in the UK alone, you are bound to meet a huge variety of different people and that your chances of finding a person who can be considered as an ideal person and someone who you might indeed want to build a relationship with.

Another attraction with eHarmony is that it offers a matchmaking system that is not just based on random parameters that the website’s developers have come up with in their free time. Instead, eHarmony features a highly researched and scientifically derived matchmaking system which promises to ensure that the people who the website matches up with you have a very big chance of compatibility with your personality and preferences and that you will be able to start communicating with and probably meeting and dating people who are very likely to be serious partners in the future.

If you have started using eHarmony and you want to share your own personal experience with the website then submit eHarmony review UK to for maximum exposure for your review.

Professional Behaviour In Voice Over Industry

Any job that you take up calls for both skill and professional behaviour. Without professionalism, you might land up your first job or work but would never be able to get good reviews or recommendations from the clients. When big production houses and agents look for voice over actors for their projects, they do read some top male voice over talent and look for the best actor available who is famous for his professionalism and skill.

Importance of professional behaviour is just too much to be explained in words. But still let us start with an example. How about taking your report card? Do you remember the phrase in group activities called “works well with others”? This is professionalism to an extent. When you enter the studio premises, one should get an impression that you take work very seriously and are not any kind of time waster who would not put efforts into the project. From entering the premises to recording and exiting, you need to show certain traits that make you a professional and people can differentiate your behaviour from the ones who are good for nothing in the industry. To make an impression in the first look, make sure you take a shower and dress up properly for the session. Try not to be flashy and show off at all as this goes against the every piece of professionalism and decency that people are lloking for. Introduce yourself to each and every associated person and be polite to everyone.

Try not to act too excited or very grateful to the people there for granting you an opportunity. No matter what it is, they did see something good and promising in you that they offered the job or task to you. Be very attentive and workout all the directions and cues given to you for your part of voice over. Listen to the director or engineer involved to deliver the best product quality. Do not try to entertain the client as this is the job of a producer and not an actor. Your work would be just to carry on the efforts being put in the right direction to achieve success and perfect delivery.

Readiness of an actor also comes under the professional attitude and it is also very important to realize how far can the actor go for perfection. Are you as an actor giving enough practice time? Are you being able to come during off hours to practice? Can you give in some extra time for the completion of project before time? The readiness of an artist too defines his or her thinking and thus professional attitude.

Being talented is great as you can even sound the copy or imitation sound so original and convincing that people would just do anything to listen to your voice. But is this talent of any use if you are not known as a qualified professional who has no previous experience? No. You do need the qualities of managing yourself and professional behaviour to make a mark over your client’s mind so that they do not think twice before hiring you again.

Things To Consider Before Creating An Online Dating Profile

It can be really challenging to place or promote you in the online dating world because of competition and of course, the hesitancy of others to try the said form of dating. But since online dating have become more and more conventional, many people has grown to accept it and some of them even recommend it to those who have no luck in finding a partner in real life. Despite online dating becoming accepted, there are still rules that need to be understood first before engaging in online dating. Yes, it is still the same with the traditional form of dating, the only difference is that you’re going to find a partner online.

One of the first rules of online dating is that you should be able to accomplish a good one. A profile that would stand out among the thousands or even millions of dating profiles scattered across the World Wide Web. Since an online dating profile is your only method of introducing and making an impression online, then you have to be careful when you are creating it. The process should not be that complicated just as long as you know what you know the types of information that you will put in your online dating profile.

Here are some of the things that you should consider before uploading your online dating profile:

1. Information

Of course, your online dating profile is a pool of information about yourself. Make sure to be honest when you are filling the information being requested. Information like being a divorcee, widower or a single mom should be included in your dating profile. However, you must also ensure that you are not giving too much information about yourself. Putting in your profile that you like being gang banged or something would seriously deter potential prospects because they would assume that you are looking for a porn partner. It also would not help that you put in your profile that you are still suffering from trauma and that your children are misbehaving inappropriately just because you just got divorced. Seriously, you will be scaring interested parties away. Just put “divorced” in your profile but please do not add that you are seeing a therapist every other day. Remember, you are looking for a partner and not a therapist.

To be safe, make sure that the information that you are sharing is concise but enough to let the people get an idea of your personality.

2. Photographs

Photographs are really important since they are the first ones that will be scrutinized by your potential online partners. Yes, looks should not matter but what can you do? It is not just being shallow but it also helps partner establish whether you have a connection or not. It will also help your potential partner picture you and be familiarized with your physical appearance when the time comes that you will meeting each other for real.

When you are uploading photographs, make sure that they taken well and captures your full body. And make the photographs clean. Avoid posting nude pictures unless you are posting on a porn dating site.

3. Complete online dating profile

If there are questions being asked on your online dating profile and you feel like you do not want to answer them then please just walk away. Empty or incomplete online dating profiles only send a message that you are hiding something even if you are not. It makes your prospects think that you are just trolling the online dating site or you are just a fake account.

Search the internet for – online dating profile examples to attract men or online dating examples to attract female for more actual tips.

Dating Site Price Guide Information

Online dating accommodates to every one and makes it trouble-free to find a date and even a serious relationship. Centered on your selection and preference, online dating has progressively grew interest as well as approval within the dating community. Whether you are considering someone to date casually, and just want to test the waters, or if you are into serious pledges and relationships, you can come across that perfect companion through these companies.

Here is a directory of some of the most up-to-date and popular online dating websites and the Dating Site Price Guide information.

Keep in mind, certain online dating websites offer some aspects other websites may not contain. This is why some websites rates are more than their competitors. Their amenities have been seen to be worth the additional charge. For instance, in 2009, eHarmony, a very trendy online dating website with more than 20 million enrolled participants, was considered to be one of the most priciest online dating companies. At $59.95 a month, enlisted members disclosed that the amenities that eHarmony offered were worth the higher price. In addition, eHarmony and other higher priced service websites has been recognized by those that are seeking a stable and serious relationship.

For those interested in joining an online dating company, you should keep in mind that the monthly membership fees are significantly cheaper if you decide for long-term commitments with an online dating company. For example, has an opening fee of $34.95 per month. If you intend on using their service for 3 months, their service rate decreases to $19.99 a month and $16.99 a month if you choose to continue with their service for 6 months.

Another thing that ought to be given a thought prior to committing with an online company is, what is your purpose and intention? Are you considering a serious relationship or are you signing up to flirt, chitchat and play the field. Websites who has members that are into the casual dating scene are typically lower in price or at times free. For those that are in search for a new friend of the opposite sex, or just looking for someone to flirt or chat with, this is for you. If you are single and considering a genuine relationship, websites such as, an alternative online dating company known for their steep service, $44.95 a month, is what you should consider. Registered members, whom shared their input, say that single people that are agree to pay this hefty monthly service subscription, are looking for stable commitments and are not looking to waste anytime.

Some dating sites are fixed on precise religions, such as Catholic Match, Christian Café and Big Church. Just like the previously stated online dating websites, they also have preliminary monthly fees. Christian Café, membership fee of starts off at $34.95 and significantly decreases to $9.16 a month if you decide to accept the 12-month contract. They also propose a 10-day provisional period for all new members. Catholic Match, another religion based specialized dating service, proposes an additional 15% off when you sign up with a promotion code. Initially the fee is $24.95 for the first month and just significantly decreases to only $12.49 a month if you agree to a 6-month membership.

Online dating caters to all, based on your preference. Senior Friend Finder, helps the elder find a partner for just $22.94 a month and for only $8.33 a month if you agree to a one year contract.

Experience Dating Online Now

Online dating is something that you should try out not only if you’re dateless or desperate but also if you’re someone who wants to experience and have convenience, cost-effectiveness, and safety altogether. In the present times, you don’t have to be so traditional. We are now living in the digital age and dating online is now possible. With online dating, you can practically go on a real date without being physically present with a person. You could say, with it, you can be “together apart”. Not only would you be able to do this but you would also be able to make the most out of your money simply because the only things that you have to do in order to date a real person with the power of the internet are to set up an account on a dating site, make a profile page, sent messages to potential partners or respond to messages received from people, and then do activities online. There are lots of individuals who have managed to become real-life couples because of online dating. In fact, it’s with this wherein foreigners meet up with each other and have a real and meaningful romantic relationship. To know more about it, read on or search for things online like eHarmony Subscription Costs information.

It’s not merely enough to know how to create an account on an online dating community website. If you’re serious about having a date, you must know how to present yourself on the web. To attract people, it is important that you should upload your recent picture and put in some personal information on your profile page. In choosing a picture, make sure that you select what’s clear and what you consider to be the best. Of course, your objective is to attract people and that’s why you have to choose one that could possibly make people prefer you over others. When you describe yourself, it is vital that you should put in honest details about yourself. Try to be clear when you write your descriptions. Some of the things that you should tell people are your name, sex, location, civil status, occupation and interests. For your name and location, you may want to make use of your nickname and your state or city only. That’s so you’d have some sort of privacy online despite telling people something about yourself. Of course, you should clearly indicate that you are single and employed or self-employed as well. That’s so you’d be able to get the attention of people who are looking for love. It is important that you write down your interests specifically so that some people who might have the same ones as you would be able to find and interact with you. Usually, date seekers online are looking for people whom they can relate to so that’s why you should clearly define your likes. All in all, make sure that you only put truthful information about yourself—even if others won’t—and that’s because your reputation on the web relies on what you write down or how you communicate.

Finding Your Perfect Date At eHarmony

Every single individual divorced or not has the right to be happy and of course would want to experience having date with a person who would understand them. Well, dating means getting to know each other and if it works then a lasting relationship would blossom.

However, if you are in search for a perfect date but quite reluctant especially if you don’t know the approach on how to date someone then you may want to check out this site The site is all about eHarmony and once you visit the site, you may have the option to subscribe and be a member and after you have become a member, professional dating coaches will help you in finding the perfect date.

Visiting the website  will surely provide you the opportunity in meeting other people. What’s amazing about the site is that they employ expert dating coaches. The coaches are likely to select a person that’s compatible with your personality.

Now talking about your personality, eHarmony experts will provide you an initial personality assessment test and the details they’ve acquired from you will be their basis in selecting possible individuals who can be your first date. Remember, there are more than one possible dates they can search for you and you can also choose since a lineup of search profiles are available in their database.

With regards to the rate of their services, you will surely be amazed since their rate is just a fraction when compared to other dating websites. Yes, you will only spend less than $3,000 for a year’s membership. Well, other dating sites will cost you more than that and some can charge you $20,000 just for a dating advice.

eHarmony is not competing and their goal is to help people who are lonely to be happy after finding a date and a possible long lasting relationship. That’s the reason why the dating site has lots of clients and they’ve been satisfied with the results.

Remember, sharing something to somebody that has the same interest as yours is important and that’s why the site will gladly help you find the right person.

However, since there are lots of dating sites that are out there to offer you some of their services, you should also be aware that there are some fake dating sites that will victimize you. Well, eHarmony is a certified dating site and a lot of testimonies sent by satisfied clients are posted in their site.

You can be assured in getting their services and to prove this, there are reviews from unbiased review sites and their assessment is positive. Moreover, the site will only accept possible members who are aged 18 years old and above. Further, the dating site is a Christian dating website. That’s why they are more focused on helping people find a date that’s faith oriented. Remember, looking for a date is not just about having a relationship with each other but to have a relationship with faith.

Since the website is the number one dating site in the U.S. it’s highly suggested that you become a member especially if you are looking for a date. So check out the site and start getting the details on how you can become a member and a satisfied customer.

Get A Girlfriend On The First Date With These Tips And Tricks

Once you’ve met someone you like, you’re probably hoping you can get a girlfriend on the first date. It’s tricky to know how to set up this oh-so-important relationship milestone properly- so here are some real tips.

You probably already know where the best place for your date is- just think!

Of course, for a milestone first date, you want to be sure you’re somewhere a touch romantic, and that it’s just the two of you. You want time to concentrate on each other, so you have the chance to get a girlfriend from this first date, after all. But everyone’s tastes differ, so be sure to think carefully about what you already know about your date.

Does she like a specific type of food? Has she mentioned a great movie you’d both enjoy? Does she enjoy mini-golf? Is there a new venue in town that would be great to check out? Remember, you want both of you to enjoy this evening out- and what better than making sure that’s likely from the start. And the closer you cater to the real person under it all, rather than Hollywood ideas about what makes ‘romantic’, the more likely to strike a good note you are.

So it’s the big night- what now?

Remember, you were in charge of the planning, but you can’t control everything. Learning to go with the flow and see where it takes you is one of the best ways to ensure you both enjoy your night out together. You’re not a producer- you’re a participant. Do take some time and effort with your appearance- suitable to the venue, of course. A spiffy restaurant needs more personal prep then a round of crazy golf- but being scruffy looks like you don’t care. And since you’re hoping to get a girlfriend from this first date, that’s not the case!

Be wary of the ‘date rules’ you find on the internet- they won’t help you get a girlfriend on this first date. The only rule is that you both should feel comfortable and enjoy. Many of the so-called ‘warning signs’ you read about are ridiculous. You’ll get a better sense of any potential red flags from the conversation in general then an offhand reference.

The evening doesn’t have to end any specific way. If you both wish to be intimate, its no one’s business but your own. If you don’t, likewise. The night’s for you and her, no one else need stick their nose in.

Don’t stress over the bill. Many women still like it if a guy pays the whole bill- but others don’t. If she’s firm about wanting to pay her half, don’t take it as an insult- it’s a personal preference. And if it’s a problem for you, and you’d rather split be honest about that. If you do choose to pay the whole bill, do it without expectations or expected ‘payback’. If it’s not worth it to you to do it without some sort of kickback, rather go dutch and split the bill.

This is a night for you to enjoy each other’s company and decide if you want to take your relationship further. If you’re hoping to get a girlfriend from this first date, relax and enjoy.

Some Happy Marriage Tips For You To Consider

To a lot of people, marriage is basically a promise to love their partners for a lifetime. In words, this may be a romantic and noble promise to make, but in reality this is a very tough promise to live up to, and the difficulty and complexity of marriage is what causes a lot of people to give up on it, and the marriage ends up in divorce which then results to broken hearts and broken families.

Despite being complex and difficult, marriage is not impossible and this can evidenced by the fact that there are indeed a lot of marriages that end up lasting the lifetimes of the married couple. If you are married and you also want your relationship to be successful then here are some tips for a happy marriage that you will want to follow.

First is that you will need to learn how to compromise in a smart way. A lot of arguments and fights in a marriage usually stem from someone in the relationship not willing to make compromises: to him or her, the decision is absolute at all times with no room for flexibility to consider or make room for whatever his or her partner’s views and decisions may be. This is definitely not a healthy way to go about misunderstandings in a marriage Instead of being too uptight and closed minded, learning how to honestly consider what your partner thinks about a certain issue will certainly allow more communication and should result in a peaceful and sensible solution to the misunderstanding. This does not mean that you will just yield to everything that your partner says or decides however. After careful consideration of his or her opinion and you feel that it is still wrong, you will want to stand up to what you believe in, but relay it to your partner in the most respectful and subtle way possible to avoid temper flare ups and fighting.

Being married means dedicating more of your life to your responsibilities as a married individual and as a family man if you have already kids. The problem is that some couples dedicate too much or practically all of their time to work and other responsibilities, that they may forget that married life also requires a lot of time, love and intimacy in order for it to work. To stop the marriage from becoming too much of a routine, you will have to set aside some quality time for you husband or your wife. Go on dates together, eat on fancy restaurants whenever you can, watch a movie together, go on picnics or travel to places you have never seen before. This should be very helpful in keeping the marriage fun and exciting.

If you are looking for more tips and advice for a happy and fulfilling marriage, is a website that you will want to check out. With well-written articles that convey great marriage advice from the points-of-view of both the husband and the wife, you should be able to learn a lot about how a marriage works from a different perspective, and you should be able to apply the tips that you learn from the website in order for you to achieve the happy marriage tips that you are aiming for.

How Much Does Subscription Cost? Is It Worth It?

When it comes to spending money on a website or through it, you will have to make sure that the website is reliable and worth it. In the internet today, there are just so many scams you can come across that it is strongly advised that you spend your money on websites that are really trusted.

Individuals can spend money on websites for different purposes. Others use a website to make purchases, bid on items or reserve certain items, services or tickets for concerts or for travel. Other people spend money on websites in order to be members of that website’s community or in order for them to use some advanced features of the website.

One type of website that uses a subscription model is the online dating website, and since there are currently a lot of online dating websites available, their asking prices largely vary depending on the site or service that you want to sign up with.

Probably the most popular online dating website today is Being the first ever online dating service, it is understandable why people will prefer over competing websites, and that it has evolved and improved into the streamlined and user friendly website that it is today.

According to the blog which focuses on online dating websites, charges $20.99 for a 12 month subscription fee and $23.99 for a 6 month plan. In comparison, the short term plans are quite expensive, with a $41.99 fee for a 1 month subscription.

Compared to other online dating websites, one may notice that’s subscription prices are actually more affordable. This does not mean that and its services are cheap however.

With the subscription fee that you pay, you will be a part of the biggest online dating community today. With millions of active members from all over the world, you will surely have a huge pool of potential life partners that you can interact with.

The website also has some of the best search functions to be ever incorporated into an online dating site. If you wish to do a thorough search of active members of the website, you can take advantage of’s incredibly detailed search function where you can customize your search fields down to the small details of an individual’s personality or appearance, so it is highly possible for you to interact with people who may sharer your hobbies and interests or possess personality or physical traits that you are attracted to. is also versatile as it is not only a great online dating website that you can access through your computer, but it also features intuitive mobile applications that will allow you to take your online dating wherever you will go.

With the sheer number of features, a huge user-base and the reliability that comes along with its many years of existence, is without a doubt the best online dating website that you can be a part of today and that the website is definitely well worth the subscription fee.

An Aux-y Who Wreck-y?

The rampant status of infidelity has been depicted in so many ways, not only in real life, but also in television soap operas and drama series. And one thing common to this certain portrayal is the antagonist nature of the concubine. However, not all the time, mistresses are bad. They just tend to be the bad one since they are the ones who are not included in the legal family. More so, in reality, there are cases when the mistress didn’t let themselves to be like one. So, how does it feel to be the other man or woman? Diverting the perspective, let’s take another look on it (the good side) because not all the time these mistresses are given the chance to speak for themselves.

Not all mistresses have one thing in mind (to break the bond of one family). Some are taken into such situation by accident – this means that they didn’t far know better the ones they’re dating to (not knowing that they already are married). Some seek for married partners for the purpose of having fun, thinking this as something dangerous and a bit of exciting. Some seek just to have a form of rivalry with the legal wife or girlfriend but, somehow, doesn’t have the plans of becoming a wife or husband. Some are taken into mentality thinking that they don’t deserve better ones that’s why they just stick on being the other man or woman. And some, eventually, becomes the wife or husband.

Others consider being a concubine as fun and exciting, feeling every bit of danger of getting exposed as some sort of an adventure. But for others, they feel like carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Anxiety, thinking that someday their affairs will be exposed, is being poured unto him. Others also suffer from being minutes and miles away and are also desperately wishing that someday (when the time comes) that they will be the “main” family of the man or woman, which hardly ever happens.

Occasionally, these people are entering into such relationships for so many reasons. Some considered it to be the only thing that can nurture their egos (therefore, making themselves feel their worthiness), while others feels wound up with the risky tasks one can stumble upon. Not considering the emotional attachment one makes when cheating, many revels in the thought of having physical connection (sex) with their mistresses. Even though there is emotional involvement in the process, sad to say, only a few of these people leave their legal partners for their concubines. And even when one pursue on doing so, the “other” man or woman will, at some point, be of doubt to trust the other half. How can one be trusted if the he already had made a fault with his legal partner, now how much more to his mistress.

Innocence is usual among the concubines. After being used by someone in their affairs, they will left out when time comes. Being a concubine is not an easy task. Aside from being the illegal one, being a mistress, for the rest of your life, will obviously give you a future you don’t ideally wish to have. So before making yourself as one, think of the family you’re intruding to. And think of what kind of life will immorality leads you to. You deserve somebody of your own, better than the one you are Illicit Encounters Review dealing with now.

Take A Look At The Shocking 50 Most Popular Women In The World Rankings

If you are looking to find out who the top 50 most popular women rankings in the world are then this is not the place, I am going to tell you why these women are the 50 most popular woman in the world. Stick around, you might actually learn something.

The way that all most popular people in the world lists are compiled is through googles handy statistics reporter which tells us exactly how many times a person somewhere in the world has searched for that celebrities name on Google. So straight away we can agree that this is not a measure of popularity but rather search engine users interest is said celebrity.

In fact if you look at any most popular women’s list you will find that most of the woman are musical sensations, there are exceptions but this clear fact alone shows that because many people access their music through the internet and search engines, the results of this popularity list is skewed in favor of musicians because people often search their names to find their music and listen to it online, This is becoming more and more common to the point where most people do not store music on their phone any longer, everything is stored on the cloud and accessed through the internet. This changes things for us and the way we see popularity. A better way would be to measure followers and friends on all different social media and add them all together. This would show an indication of popularity but it also wouldn’t be accurate because of multiple people using different social media applications under different account names.

When we think about it this way perhaps we should think about popularity in a different way, does it really matter how popular we are, as long as we are doing what we love that is what counts right. I firmly believe that and the testament to that is last year Justin Bieber came in as the 7th most popular woman in the world, Well done Justin I’m sure your parents are so proud of you.

With the rise of the internet comes a change in our society, celebrities are closer to us than they ever have been, we can interact with them because interacting has become so easy and non obtrusive, many celebrities actually reply to their fans these days were in the past was unheard of, the gap is slowly being bridged and it reminds us the celebrities are regular people like you and I. The only difference is that they have a public image to keep up, some may not care but I imagine many may struggle with being in the public eye constantly. Think about that the next time you want to rank people by number.