If you are looking to find out who the top 50 most popular women rankings in the world are then this is not the place, I am going to tell you why these women are the 50 most popular woman in the world. Stick around, you might actually learn something.

The way that all most popular people in the world lists are compiled is through googles handy statistics reporter which tells us exactly how many times a person somewhere in the world has searched for that celebrities name on Google. So straight away we can agree that this is not a measure of popularity but rather search engine users interest is said celebrity.

In fact if you look at any most popular women’s list you will find that most of the woman are musical sensations, there are exceptions but this clear fact alone shows that because many people access their music through the internet and search engines, the results of this popularity list is skewed in favor of musicians because people often search their names to find their music and listen to it online, This is becoming more and more common to the point where most people do not store music on their phone any longer, everything is stored on the cloud and accessed through the internet. This changes things for us and the way we see popularity. A better way would be to measure followers and friends on all different social media and add them all together. This would show an indication of popularity but it also wouldn’t be accurate because of multiple people using different social media applications under different account names.

When we think about it this way perhaps we should think about popularity in a different way, does it really matter how popular we are, as long as we are doing what we love that is what counts right. I firmly believe that and the testament to that is last year Justin Bieber came in as the 7th most popular woman in the world, Well done Justin I’m sure your parents are so proud of you.

With the rise of the internet comes a change in our society, celebrities are closer to us than they ever have been, we can interact with them because interacting has become so easy and non obtrusive, many celebrities actually reply to their fans these days were in the past was unheard of, the gap is slowly being bridged and it reminds us the celebrities are regular people like you and I. The only difference is that they have a public image to keep up, some may not care but I imagine many may struggle with being in the public eye constantly. Think about that the next time you want to rank people by number.