Get A Girlfriend On The First Date With These Tips And Tricks

Once you’ve met someone you like, you’re probably hoping you can get a girlfriend on the first date. It’s tricky to know how to set up this oh-so-important relationship milestone properly- so here are some real tips.

You probably already know where the best place for your date is- just think!

Of course, for a milestone first date, you want to be sure you’re somewhere a touch romantic, and that it’s just the two of you. You want time to concentrate on each other, so you have the chance to get a girlfriend from this first date, after all. But everyone’s tastes differ, so be sure to think carefully about what you already know about your date.

Does she like a specific type of food? Has she mentioned a great movie you’d both enjoy? Does she enjoy mini-golf? Is there a new venue in town that would be great to check out? Remember, you want both of you to enjoy this evening out- and what better than making sure that’s likely from the start. And the closer you cater to the real person under it all, rather than Hollywood ideas about what makes ‘romantic’, the more likely to strike a good note you are.

So it’s the big night- what now?

Remember, you were in charge of the planning, but you can’t control everything. Learning to go with the flow and see where it takes you is one of the best ways to ensure you both enjoy your night out together. You’re not a producer- you’re a participant. Do take some time and effort with your appearance- suitable to the venue, of course. A spiffy restaurant needs more personal prep then a round of crazy golf- but being scruffy looks like you don’t care. And since you’re hoping to get a girlfriend from this first date, that’s not the case!

Be wary of the ‘date rules’ you find on the internet- they won’t help you get a girlfriend on this first date. The only rule is that you both should feel comfortable and enjoy. Many of the so-called ‘warning signs’ you read about are ridiculous. You’ll get a better sense of any potential red flags from the conversation in general then an offhand reference.

The evening doesn’t have to end any specific way. If you both wish to be intimate, its no one’s business but your own. If you don’t, likewise. The night’s for you and her, no one else need stick their nose in.

Don’t stress over the bill. Many women still like it if a guy pays the whole bill- but others don’t. If she’s firm about wanting to pay her half, don’t take it as an insult- it’s a personal preference. And if it’s a problem for you, and you’d rather split be honest about that. If you do choose to pay the whole bill, do it without expectations or expected ‘payback’. If it’s not worth it to you to do it without some sort of kickback, rather go dutch and split the bill.

This is a night for you to enjoy each other’s company and decide if you want to take your relationship further. If you’re hoping to get a girlfriend from this first date, relax and enjoy.