An Aux-y Who Wreck-y?

The rampant status of infidelity has been depicted in so many ways, not only in real life, but also in television soap operas and drama series. And one thing common to this certain portrayal is the antagonist nature of the concubine. However, not all the time, mistresses are bad. They just tend to be the bad one since they are the ones who are not included in the legal family. More so, in reality, there are cases when the mistress didn’t let themselves to be like one. So, how does it feel to be the other man or woman? Diverting the perspective, let’s take another look on it (the good side) because not all the time these mistresses are given the chance to speak for themselves.

Not all mistresses have one thing in mind (to break the bond of one family). Some are taken into such situation by accident – this means that they didn’t far know better the ones they’re dating to (not knowing that they already are married). Some seek for married partners for the purpose of having fun, thinking this as something dangerous and a bit of exciting. Some seek just to have a form of rivalry with the legal wife or girlfriend but, somehow, doesn’t have the plans of becoming a wife or husband. Some are taken into mentality thinking that they don’t deserve better ones that’s why they just stick on being the other man or woman. And some, eventually, becomes the wife or husband.

Others consider being a concubine as fun and exciting, feeling every bit of danger of getting exposed as some sort of an adventure. But for others, they feel like carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Anxiety, thinking that someday their affairs will be exposed, is being poured unto him. Others also suffer from being minutes and miles away and are also desperately wishing that someday (when the time comes) that they will be the “main” family of the man or woman, which hardly ever happens.

Occasionally, these people are entering into such relationships for so many reasons. Some considered it to be the only thing that can nurture their egos (therefore, making themselves feel their worthiness), while others feels wound up with the risky tasks one can stumble upon. Not considering the emotional attachment one makes when cheating, many revels in the thought of having physical connection (sex) with their mistresses. Even though there is emotional involvement in the process, sad to say, only a few of these people leave their legal partners for their concubines. And even when one pursue on doing so, the “other” man or woman will, at some point, be of doubt to trust the other half. How can one be trusted if the he already had made a fault with his legal partner, now how much more to his mistress.

Innocence is usual among the concubines. After being used by someone in their affairs, they will left out when time comes. Being a concubine is not an easy task. Aside from being the illegal one, being a mistress, for the rest of your life, will obviously give you a future you don’t ideally wish to have. So before making yourself as one, think of the family you’re intruding to. And think of what kind of life will immorality leads you to. You deserve somebody of your own, better than the one you are Illicit Encounters Review dealing with now.