How Much Does Subscription Cost? Is It Worth It?

When it comes to spending money on a website or through it, you will have to make sure that the website is reliable and worth it. In the internet today, there are just so many scams you can come across that it is strongly advised that you spend your money on websites that are really trusted.

Individuals can spend money on websites for different purposes. Others use a website to make purchases, bid on items or reserve certain items, services or tickets for concerts or for travel. Other people spend money on websites in order to be members of that website’s community or in order for them to use some advanced features of the website.

One type of website that uses a subscription model is the online dating website, and since there are currently a lot of online dating websites available, their asking prices largely vary depending on the site or service that you want to sign up with.

Probably the most popular online dating website today is Being the first ever online dating service, it is understandable why people will prefer over competing websites, and that it has evolved and improved into the streamlined and user friendly website that it is today.

According to the blog which focuses on online dating websites, charges $20.99 for a 12 month subscription fee and $23.99 for a 6 month plan. In comparison, the short term plans are quite expensive, with a $41.99 fee for a 1 month subscription.

Compared to other online dating websites, one may notice that’s subscription prices are actually more affordable. This does not mean that and its services are cheap however.

With the subscription fee that you pay, you will be a part of the biggest online dating community today. With millions of active members from all over the world, you will surely have a huge pool of potential life partners that you can interact with.

The website also has some of the best search functions to be ever incorporated into an online dating site. If you wish to do a thorough search of active members of the website, you can take advantage of’s incredibly detailed search function where you can customize your search fields down to the small details of an individual’s personality or appearance, so it is highly possible for you to interact with people who may sharer your hobbies and interests or possess personality or physical traits that you are attracted to. is also versatile as it is not only a great online dating website that you can access through your computer, but it also features intuitive mobile applications that will allow you to take your online dating wherever you will go.

With the sheer number of features, a huge user-base and the reliability that comes along with its many years of existence, is without a doubt the best online dating website that you can be a part of today and that the website is definitely well worth the subscription fee.